Monday, December 28, 2009

SingTel... Yet another fail.

A slot was allocated for the delivery of my wife's new Blackberry Bold 9700 today between 6-9pm. And yes I got into the first 200 pre-orders and was promised a Jabra Stone.

Fighting the grogginess induced by my cough syrup, I waited up for it.

It is now 10:30pm. No show. No call. Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

I called them up and the poor lady on the other end was lambasted by me when she was not able to provide any updates on the delivery status, claiming SingPost (Another fail-bait) is now closed and unreachable. And I should call them myself tomorrow.


C'mon SingTel! What the heck happened to you!? It's fun to play with consumers yah? Is that how you run your business?! So customers are just crap to you!?

And what happened to the call I made 2 days back regarding the change of my wife's BlackBerry subscription. "Someone will call you back..." HELLO!?!?! WHERE IS MY CALL BACK?!

Calling them and getting through to the right person is just so damn hard. One department throw to another. We'll call you back... They'll call you back... Someone will call you back. Nope. We really don't want to call you back. Bleh.

This is not the first time and I'm sure it will NOT be the last time! CUT COST CUT COST CUT COST! CUT CUT CUT!!!


The both of us has been a loyal customer of SingTel since 1998 (Started on some SingTel POD Plan) and so are quite a number of our family members. I think I've had enough. I think we've had enough. Enough shortchanging us. We're still paying pretty much the same as we did 10 years back. Nope. More. Now we have to add on the bloody Caller ID for FIVE MORE FREAKING DOLLARS!


So... M1? Or StarHub?

I apologized to the patient lady on the other end after my outburst. I know we're all pawns in this big corporate game and she's just making a living. I was frustrated and a frustrated man makes for a crazy man.

I'll supposedly get a call back tomorrow and I think someone will make a feeble attempt with a vague answer and tell me what the heck happened. I will reluctantly accept the explanation which he/she pulls out of a tin of Standard Answers and life goes on for everyone.

So alas, no unboxing to be done today.

Can hardly keep my eyes open... medicine... good nite...


Friday, December 11, 2009

Pre-order your SingTel BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!

There you go!

Pre-order your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx from SingTel and get the FREE Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset!

Friday, December 04, 2009

BlackBerry Bold 9700 On SingTel Network

Guess who fell outta the sky today? :)

From AT&T and riding on SingTel's network.

Nope. I didn't buy one. It costs an arm and a leg here in Singapore now.

Bold and beautiful indeed...

Meteor and Onyx. Side-by-side.

SingTel, I'm still waiting...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Google Street View in Singapore

Surprise surprise.

I was around Mustafa Centre yesterday evening looking for a camera pouch for my new baby (Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. Damn good point-and-shoot cam, but more on that in another post) and decided to check my bearings. I'm bad with directions and it's my first trip to Mustafa. Damn suaku right? Paiseh lah.

Whipped out my Bold. Launched Google Maps...

Lo and Behold... Street View!?! w00t!?

I've read about the Google Street View Trike spotted around the time of the 2009 F1 season.

Waited for so long, finally it's here. I went home and found out on Wikipedia that it was just enabled.

Yes. JUST. 2nd Dec 2009. What luck. :)

Played around a bit more.

Here's a pic of where I used to live. Really missing the old den. *sigh* :_(