Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sorry, no time to blog!

I woke up at 1pm today!

Need to head down now!

x3262! Need anything pls call me!

I'm super tired.

It's been an exhilarating day. And I'm beat. There's still Saturday and Sunday again for me.

But if you're on, I am too. :) Watch this space. I'll be short on words as usual.

Just pictures.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Kiong!

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Streeetched by Speeeeed!

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Stock car

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Go go go!

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Gate 7

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We're here!

On our way...

"Live" Blogging from Singapore F1

Right... I'm on my way now to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. :D

Today is the practise session and I think I might try some "live" bloggin' there. My seat is over at the "Bay Grandstand"... right opposite the floating platform.

Live pictures will suck but at the end of it all, I will upload the higher def ones. ^^


Most heinous!

Been trying to get a cab for over an hour.

Major lateness expected.

Most uncool. :(
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The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plains?


I believe it's made it's way straight here to my porch.
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Most dreary drops of dew.

Wow, seriously big drops of water most impedes my plans to make time for work.

Dude, that is so not cool.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 "Live" Unit Spotted!

Attended SingTel's i.Luminate Innovation Business Forum 2008 @ Singapore Expo yesterday. Chanced upon a booth showcasing Windows Mobile devices... HTC Touch Pro, MWG Zinc II, Samsung Omnia etc etc and OMG! Is that a...?!?!


also known as the SEX-1 !!! :D

And it's a working set! Not a dummy!

Though I must agree, it's kinda laggy. And yup. Apparently no accelerometer. What a let down.

At least it's almost the exact same size as my K810i.

Note to XDA-Developers: It's a "live" working unit, but it's not the final firmware nor production unit as communicated to me by the Microsoft guys manning the booth. :)

W00T! A Pair of Singapore F1 Grand Prix Grandstand Tickets!

Attended "SingTel i.Luminate Business Innovation Forum 2008" today. Whole day event from 8am to 6pm. To qualify for F1 tix you have to stay until at least 5pm.

Damn lucky I lingered around... it was kinda noisy and I didn't realise I had a missed call.

I called back.


W00T! OMFG! I wasn't even hoping to win this time! 2 previous SingTel events I've been to, no luck at all. (By the way, those 2 are "One Formula to True Mobility (Windows Mobile)" and "Bold & Beautiful Night Out (BB Bold)")

And mind you, those are 3 days Bay Grandstand passes. Wow...

So... the question is... the event starts erm... this Friday... so erm...

"Should I sell them off or should I go watch?"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Banner of Errors

A banner hung near Bukit Timah Community Center.
Looks normal? Let's see how many typos we can find...

Didn't I just covered teh impotence of poofreading?!?!

Monday, September 15, 2008

SingTel BlackBerry Bold Unboxing

I've just received the package this afternoon.

Apologies for the bad video and my shaky hands. I have only an iPhone to do the vid.

That sounds so wrong

Lazy Sunday afternoon.
Fired up Dynasty Warriors (三国无双)on the vintage Xbox with my sis.

This ending got us ROFLOL.

"What is this strange feeling? I find myself gripping my spear not out of anger or hate;
I am driven by something else entirely. What is it that makes me feel such passion?"

If you ask me, sounds like puberty. :)