Thursday, September 25, 2008

W00T! A Pair of Singapore F1 Grand Prix Grandstand Tickets!

Attended "SingTel i.Luminate Business Innovation Forum 2008" today. Whole day event from 8am to 6pm. To qualify for F1 tix you have to stay until at least 5pm. Damn lucky I lingered around... it was kinda noisy and I didn't realise I had a missed call. I called back. "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE WON FOR YOURSELF A PAIR OF F1 TICKETS!" W00T! OMFG! I wasn't even hoping to win this time! 2 previous SingTel events I've been to, no luck at all. (By the way, those 2 are "One Formula to True Mobility (Windows Mobile)" and "Bold & Beautiful Night Out (BB Bold)") And mind you, those are 3 days Bay Grandstand passes. Wow... So... the question is... the event starts erm... this Friday... so erm... "Should I sell them off or should I go watch?"

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