Thursday, May 31, 2007

A sad farewell...

I was looking forward to knowing you. As my wife said you are one of the closer and more friendly relatives.

Rest in Peace, Han Ming.

Full military funeral for 3rd soldier who died in Taiwan air crash

SINGAPORE : Lance Corporal Chow Han Min Calvin, the third Singaporean soldier who died following the Taiwanese military jet crash on May 11, was laid to rest on Wednesday.

He was given a full military funeral, like his two fellow NSmen who were killed on the spot on the day of the accident.

It was a tragic end for the 19-year-old National Serviceman.

He had been fighting for his life for more than two weeks since being flown back home for treatment.

But with burns over half his body and respiratory injuries, he lost that fight early Monday morning.

His 17-year-old brother headed a group of friends and family members at the Mandai Crematorium in the walk from the main gate to the funeral hall.

More than 400 servicemen from the Combat Service Support Command gave a final salute in tribute to their fallen comrade.

In the end, three shots were fired by the Guard of Honour as a mark of respect, with a lone bugler bidding a final farewell.

The New Palm Foleo!

Woo hoo!

Palm just announced the new mobile companion Palm Foleo!

I've been a supporter of Palm for years using the Palm Vx followed by the LifeDrive. I've been patiently waiting a new release of some mobile platform that does not run Windows or Symbian. :)

Too bad it's not released sooner, else coulda made it to local shores and the IT Show starting tomorrow. And beat the damn GST increase too. :(

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh yah, I have a domain name which links to this place.

It's at

Monday, May 28, 2007

My cousin-in-law just passed away

He is my wife's cousin. One of the NS men who came back with serious injuries from Taiwan earlier this month.

Apparently, he is due for an operation today. I was just informed about this. I don't know him well but I do pray and wish that his family is taking it alright.

Following article taken from Channel News Asia:

One more NS man dies following Taiwan jet crash

SINGAPORE: Full-time national serviceman, 19-year-old Lance Corporal Chow Han Min Calvin, who was air-lifted back to Singapore from Taiwan earlier this month, has died at the Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

MINDEF said he died at 6.37 am after his condition took a turn for the worse early Monday morning.

Lance Corporal Chow had suffered severe burn injuries after a Taiwanese F-5F aircraft crashed into a storehouse where he was located on 11 May.

MINDEF added that the other injured serviceman, 3rd Sergeant Ramakrishnan Karthigayan, is in a critical but stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit of SGH.

Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean expressed his deepest condolences to the family of the late LCP Chow.

MINDEF and the SAF will continue to assist the family in their time of loss.

On the day of the incident, two SAF soldiers were killed in Taiwan.

They were both accorded full military funerals.

finding someone to land on

Why in the world am I blogging today and at this time?

Oh yah, cos I'm on MC. Down with flu, sore throat and stuffs. The mucus is making it hard to breathe therefore making me dizzy.

I dun wanna faint and fall down a flight of stairs or something like that.

I could land on someone and hurt him/her real bad.

That would make me feel awful.

Or not.


Wish I'll get well soon. Lotsa work to be done. Havoc to be caused. Anarchy to come.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Conversation in Leet Speak

T0d4y, i 5|-|411 b3 b10ggi|\|g i|\| 13375p34k.

I |-|0p3 u (4|\| r34d my p057. C0u1d 74k3 u 50m3 7im3 70 d3(ip|-|3r I gu355? M4yb3 i|\| 7|-|3 fu7ur3 I 5|-|0u1d ju57 b10g 1ik3 7|-|i5... LOL. |-|3|-|3...

My |\|4m3 i5 D3r37|-| 4|\|d w31(0m3 70 my 1i7713 (0r|\|3r 0|\| 7|-|3 w0r1d wid3 w3b.

---=== m3r3 4|\|4r(|-|y ===---

Tur|\|i|\|g 4|\|d 7ur|\|i|\|g i|\| 7|-|3 wid3|\|i|\|g gyr3
T|-|3 f41(0|\| (4|\||\|07 |-|34r 7|-|3 f41(0|\|3r,
T|-|i|\|g5 f411 4p4r7, 7|-|3 (3|\|7r3 (4|\||\|07 |-|01d,
M3r3 4|\|4r(|-|y i5 10053d up0|\| 7|-|3 w0r1d...

W31(0m3 70 $i|\|g4p0r3!

Ar3 u 1337 3|\|0ug|-|? ;)

If you're a guy and can read these with ease. Cool. No biggie.

If you're a girl and can actually read these with no problems whatsoever, hats off and kudoz to you! r35p3(7! :)

Oops, I'm getting stereotypical. Sorry to the ladies... I'm gonna see if my wife can read this. Seeya after the break.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Pop-Up Pirate" Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu - The Jack Sparrow Version!

Tomy's famous "Pop-Up Pirate" Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu toy has been around for over 30 years.

This toy set comes with a barrel with many holes, a little figurine and approximately 30 plastic knives.

The original version lets you place a pirate doll into the barrel and then you and a friend(s) can take turns sticking a knive into the barrel. If the pirate pops out at your turn, you lose. ;)

And the next time the pirate is inserted, the target hole is randomized again.

The basic concept remains the same all these years.

Recently,"Pop-Up Pirate" has been introduced with several different editions which comes enhanced with sounds effects and catch phrases of the characters they represent, like Hello Kitty (eewww), Mario or these 3 below...

This one is modeled after famous Japanese comedian "Razor Ramon" Sumitani... otherwise known as "Hard Gay". Erm... hehe... I got into the local craze and bought this one. :D

Doh. This one doesn't need explaining. Translucent plastic lightsabers LOL... Anakin is sooooo humiliated.

And finally, this one caught my eye when I went downtown last week.

How appropriate! A Jack Sparrow version of Pop-Up Pirate! I was half kinda expecting to see one from Tomy... just not on our shores so soon. Cool! A pirate edition of a pirate toy....

Being a big fan of Johnny Depp (I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I'LL TURN GAY JUST TO LOVE YOU) I'm really tempted to get this one! But the price tag was kinda like S$65 (~ US$43). Ouchie! I'll hold out a while and see how it goes.

Btw, I'm so excited. Pirates of the Carribbean - At World's End opens tomorrow!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Lotus and Loreal


Just a picture of my Auntie Raye and Uncle Desmond's 2 little cuties. ^o^

My website 7 years ago...


Since 2000, I've ceased updates on my website providing Neo Geo ROMs and emulators. The site's name was "=NeoN= - The Ultimate Split-ROMs Archive!"

LOL, sounds cheesy huh? Well, =NeoN= had it's heyday and it was fun maintaining it. ;)

The site just popped out from my buried memories tonight and I just had to google to see if it still exists. :)

On a crazy whim, I decided to update the website. To my surprise, the last post on the site is dated 22nd May 2000. Today is 21st May 2007. It's exactly 7 years. What a coincidence!

It feel cool (but kinda weird in a way) to see something like this from the past...

Kinda like a time capsule.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I just bought a new phone!

Another walk on the blue side...

Bought it for S$248 at Hello! Singtel shop @ Westmall yesterday. Comes with a free bluetooth headset too! :)

A re-contract and a loyal subscriber discount. Finally got rid of my ancient Singtel 'POD' plan and went free incoming instead. Phew... no more hundred dollar bills!!!

Additional stuffs:
- 2gb Sandisk Memory Stick Micro M2 for $61 @ Sim Lim Square
- Martin Fields Overlay and DPM handphone pouch for $21 @ Far East Plaza

Total damage -----> S$330.00!!!

Wooo hoooo! Not bad at all!

I kinda expected the phone to be released for like erm... $400+ with contract.

And it's such a beauty! I haven't experience the "Blue Wow" feeling since my first phone, the legendary Nokia N8250, "A Walk on the Blue Side".

Contrary to popular criticisms, the joystick doesn't feel too recessed to me. Maybe cos it is compared to the K800i, which has a more protruding joystick and thus easier to navigate. I'm real comfy with it though.
Kinda feels like my beloved (just retired) K750i to me. ^_^

I'm totally at home with the new little round buttons on the keypad. Cos I have large fingers. Hahaha...

Today I bought my mom to get one too, to replace her totally anal N80. Crap phone in my humble opinion. Sorry Nokia fans.

Alas, when we reached the counter to make a reservation, the last unit was sold! Ah well, tough luck. T_T

Anyway, seeya after the break. I'm gonna load some apps and games into this new toy. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lost some weight...

Shedding pounds.

I've been on a diet recently.

Now, two months down the road I've lost a total of 15 kgs.

Nope, I'm not gonna tell you how much I weight now. :)