Monday, May 21, 2007

My website 7 years ago...


Since 2000, I've ceased updates on my website providing Neo Geo ROMs and emulators. The site's name was "=NeoN= - The Ultimate Split-ROMs Archive!"

LOL, sounds cheesy huh? Well, =NeoN= had it's heyday and it was fun maintaining it. ;)

The site just popped out from my buried memories tonight and I just had to google to see if it still exists. :)

On a crazy whim, I decided to update the website. To my surprise, the last post on the site is dated 22nd May 2000. Today is 21st May 2007. It's exactly 7 years. What a coincidence!

It feel cool (but kinda weird in a way) to see something like this from the past...

Kinda like a time capsule.

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