Sunday, May 20, 2007

I just bought a new phone!

Another walk on the blue side...

Bought it for S$248 at Hello! Singtel shop @ Westmall yesterday. Comes with a free bluetooth headset too! :)

A re-contract and a loyal subscriber discount. Finally got rid of my ancient Singtel 'POD' plan and went free incoming instead. Phew... no more hundred dollar bills!!!

Additional stuffs:
- 2gb Sandisk Memory Stick Micro M2 for $61 @ Sim Lim Square
- Martin Fields Overlay and DPM handphone pouch for $21 @ Far East Plaza

Total damage -----> S$330.00!!!

Wooo hoooo! Not bad at all!

I kinda expected the phone to be released for like erm... $400+ with contract.

And it's such a beauty! I haven't experience the "Blue Wow" feeling since my first phone, the legendary Nokia N8250, "A Walk on the Blue Side".

Contrary to popular criticisms, the joystick doesn't feel too recessed to me. Maybe cos it is compared to the K800i, which has a more protruding joystick and thus easier to navigate. I'm real comfy with it though.
Kinda feels like my beloved (just retired) K750i to me. ^_^

I'm totally at home with the new little round buttons on the keypad. Cos I have large fingers. Hahaha...

Today I bought my mom to get one too, to replace her totally anal N80. Crap phone in my humble opinion. Sorry Nokia fans.

Alas, when we reached the counter to make a reservation, the last unit was sold! Ah well, tough luck. T_T

Anyway, seeya after the break. I'm gonna load some apps and games into this new toy. :)

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