Friday, May 25, 2007

Conversation in Leet Speak

T0d4y, i 5|-|411 b3 b10ggi|\|g i|\| 13375p34k.

I |-|0p3 u (4|\| r34d my p057. C0u1d 74k3 u 50m3 7im3 70 d3(ip|-|3r I gu355? M4yb3 i|\| 7|-|3 fu7ur3 I 5|-|0u1d ju57 b10g 1ik3 7|-|i5... LOL. |-|3|-|3...

My |\|4m3 i5 D3r37|-| 4|\|d w31(0m3 70 my 1i7713 (0r|\|3r 0|\| 7|-|3 w0r1d wid3 w3b.

---=== m3r3 4|\|4r(|-|y ===---

Tur|\|i|\|g 4|\|d 7ur|\|i|\|g i|\| 7|-|3 wid3|\|i|\|g gyr3
T|-|3 f41(0|\| (4|\||\|07 |-|34r 7|-|3 f41(0|\|3r,
T|-|i|\|g5 f411 4p4r7, 7|-|3 (3|\|7r3 (4|\||\|07 |-|01d,
M3r3 4|\|4r(|-|y i5 10053d up0|\| 7|-|3 w0r1d...

W31(0m3 70 $i|\|g4p0r3!

Ar3 u 1337 3|\|0ug|-|? ;)

If you're a guy and can read these with ease. Cool. No biggie.

If you're a girl and can actually read these with no problems whatsoever, hats off and kudoz to you! r35p3(7! :)

Oops, I'm getting stereotypical. Sorry to the ladies... I'm gonna see if my wife can read this. Seeya after the break.


  1. I actually can read this, even though I never really learned leet. I think you just need some imagination. Looks nice.

    I'm currently working on a cryptography project and I did some research about leet as an code-language. That's how I found your blog. You can see my work soon on


  2. nice image, i emailed it to my girlfriend. and i noticed that instead of "<" as c, you used "(" as c.

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