Sunday, December 02, 2007

Vending Machines

But, is this really necessary?

Found this machine at Watsons, Takashimaya. It dispenses Dove Shampoo and related products. Personally, I think I'd rather have a feel of the product, check it's expiration date and read it's fine print before I fork out money for it. I don't see many unique vending machines around in Singapore, the most common, I reckon, sells drinks.

Two vending machines at my workplace. Sorry for the bad quality, not supposed to be taking pictures... :P Anyway, one dispenses the regular canned drinks and one sells Wang Wang (旺旺) rice crackers, Calbee potato chips, Oreo, Camel Peanuts, etc... Quite popular as you can see, mostly sold out. Workaholics aplenty.

Trivia, do you know that in Japan, there's an average of 1 vending machine per 23 Japanese?

They are called jidohanbaiki (自動販売機). And what do they sell?

Beer, sake and other liquor

Cup Noodle, ready cooked.

Rice, different types.


I can't see those beer & smoke machine working here. Unless there's this compulsory biometric chip embedded into every person here in Singapore.

Else how the hell are you gonna identify minors and stop them from puffing Marlboros and chugging Tigers?


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