Friday, April 20, 2007

I am fired.

Fear is the path to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to REVENGE.

Someone posted 2 questions in the local forum related to specialized certifications.

"Can you answer these questions without making any references?
(Just answer yes or no, dun need to type the whole answer out)

1. Do you know how to change the admin password for WinXP if you do not have the original password?

2. Do you know where are the startup processes located in the Windows Registry?

If you are vrey familiar with the above, then yes your experience should be good enough for any desktop support job without taking any course or certification "

He meant the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician course.

Wow, I can answer YES to both questions. Being in my current job as a tech support engineer for MNCs Axyz123 and Av123 (in an outsource company) for H_ for almost 4 years.. I'm not sure any of my other 2 colleagues can answer them.

Oops. It's gonna be my ex job actually. I've just been FIRED.

Fired because H_ think that 2 people can handle all the requests from both companies. As if. But what to do leh? So my company just told me yesterday to go in 2 weeks.

One colleague is the leader of the team and the other perhaps draws the lowest pay among us. Therefore, I have to go. I committed myself to hours of OT and trying to reduce cost for the company, I didn't even claim for my OT. Just wanted to finish as much as possible so that Hentai People won't breathe down our neck and kao peh kao bu so much.

In the end, it's all for nothing. 3 people are barely able to handle the whole situation and now they want to cut down to 2 people? Right, Mr Whoever-is-in-charge, report more higher percentage customer target requirements reached. Why not just reduce it to ONE? That's like the ultimate cost savings method! Why not reduce to ZERO! And let a call center in India do EVERYTHING!

Let's see, recently, your call center in KL just...

1. User requested to free up more spaces in C:\ drive to install additional programs. The helpdesk over NetMeeting advised to delete the "i386 folder". That's ok. What other files are useless? Erm... yeah, they deleted a whole bunch of other unnecessary files in the root directory, including BOOT.INI, NTDETECT.COM & NTLDR. Good job.

2. User's CD/DVD rom drive does not work anymore. Can't you realise that he has uninstalled a previous CD burning programs and it did something to the drivers? Just a simple edit in the registry will do.

I have solved these 2 problems without needed to use the final solution recommended - a system REIMAGE. Users so freak out when they hear it.

Why not just take a freaking trip down and try working here for a change? COST CUTTING COST CUTTING?!?! I will not buy another H_ product ever again! LABOUR EXPLOITATION! I HATE YOU ALL! Even though all my current and previous printers, all my current home systems (except my server) are all your brand! I'm gonna go back to DIY my own again. You can go kiss my... whatever.

Yikes... I blabbered. Anyway, paiseh, I'm sorta angry... I want to cry liao... I'm gonna miss my 2 great colleagues... I love my job...

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