Monday, February 11, 2008

Stop Bullying Edison Chen!

Stop Bullying Edison Chen! 不要在(再)欺负陈冠希了!

This video is in regards to the Edison Chen incident and it's making waves in the media circle and Asian blogosphere. What do you think?

Might come across as pretty crude and gross in depiction. Haha... He's just way too expressive. Except for the crap crying. I think I get his point.

Hmmz... Edison Chen and his girls... I just don't see anything wrong with what they did. What the hell. Just cause they're celebs pple wanna see what their 3 points (三点)look like. And now these accusers are trying to bring morals in? C'mon!

Frigging self-righteous hypocrites the whole lot of them. Anyone who said what they did behind closed doors in bed is wrong should just be castrated, BBQed or have their erm... (*watever*) stuffed with rocks ala Cannibal Holocaust.

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