Thursday, August 28, 2008



I mean... I'm really FUCKING FURIOUS. FUCK IT!

The iPhone just decides to act up and lose all the photos I've taken at the BlackBerry Bold launch. But, that's not what I'm peeved with.

I took some pictures with my mom just now and NOW THOSE ARE LOST! AND I LOVE THOSE PICTURES. A couple of candid shots taken at the right time in the right poses. LOST FOREVER!

Other times I'll fire up a data recovery program and recover as much as I can. But the bloody iPhone doesn't have a bloody DISK MODE so I jolly bloody well can't bloody recover any bloody shit. You can't access no goddamn xyzphone cos there's no goddamn DISK ACCESS FOR IT! Not on Windows! Not on Mac! No No No! Zilch! Nada! YOU'RE FUCKED!

Yeah. Shut up. I know. Caveat Emptor. Wipe that smug look off your face please.

But admit it. Apple is being a total bastard in this case.

I'm switching to depression mode now. Good night.

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