Friday, August 12, 2011


I have a Kingston 1gb Elite Pro SD card that kinda broke today. Nothing could read it. Neither a HP nor Dell laptop. Not even my Panny LX3 camera recognizes it. Can't remember what was on the card but it was probably nothing important.

Just for fun, I chucked the card into my IPAD via the CAMERA CONNECTION KIT... Lo and behold! It prompted me to import photos... which I did. And since my iPad is jailbroken, I fired up a file browser and copied everything off the card.

Things on the card were nothing I'll miss though. Took the card out, back to the laptops and camera, no go.

Back to the iPad and there it is again! Everything! Holy-I-Want-One-Of-Those-Super-Ipad-Thingamajig-Cos-It-Rescues-SD-Card-Batman!

Well that's kinda freaky but I'm also extremely impressed... :D

Now I wonder... How does the iPad and its Camera Connection Kit do that?

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