Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diablo 3 Launch Event in Funan IT Mall Singapore

[UPDATE] I've gotten over it. Lvl 9 Wizard btw. Add me if you like. dereth#1136. :) Will have the photos up today!

I have no photos to post. I'm feeling very hurt right now.

At the Diablo launch in Singapore, I was humiliated. I know I'm fat and an overweight pig.

The emcee could obviously tell I'm twice the weight and twice the age of that other guy on stage. Yet, we're required to do push-ups to win?

It's super obvious who will win right? I'm into my late 30s, overweight (OK fine it's my fucking fault OK?) and the other guys is... 18? And a slim guy no doubt.

I really regret going up the stage to be laughed at like this. I did not see any other contestants needing to do push-ups. At most rush, a for the mic. I almost even fell off the stage getting up.

I was there to take photos and blog about the incident. Right after the embarrassment on stage I just stopped doing so.

Why are you guys doing this to me?! I'm so angry and hurt now I'm not even trying to play the game anymore.

Does it feel really good to attack someone like this? You had your fun now?!

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