Thursday, May 01, 2008

I want to KAO PEH to LOVE 97.2FM

Wah Lao Eh!

I used to be a Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) fan. I still like his songs. Lots of 'em. His old classics like:
  • 最愛的人不是你
  • 戒情人
  • 別愛我
  • 甲乙丙丁
  • Etc...
There are a few of his albums that I bought and yes, I have already ripped them into MP3s for my playing convenience anytime via my Mac Mini -> Airport Express -> Creative FPS2000 speakers. The songs are also on my iPod Classic, which I've unfortunately left behind in the office today. Damn, I'm on a 5 consecutive days break starting Labour Day today.

It's ok, I still have my nano. :)

Anyway, I listen to the local LOVE 97.2FM Chinese station pretty often in the morning and at night.

The unbearable thing is that, I've noticed recently, if they are to air any of his songs, it has to be that ONE SINGLE SONG.


Every time. Without fail. It played at least 3 times last week whenever I'm tuned in. I've remarked to my wife quite casually, that the next Ronald song I hear will still be the same.

And you bet, it just played on the radio like 10 mins ago.

There are so many other good songs. Why just this one? I'm getting sick and tired of hearing it. Isn't radio for variety somewhat?

I think I should be striking 4D soon. The odds seem to be better.

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