Thursday, May 01, 2008

My New Toy - EeePC 900

I've just received my pre-ordered EeePC 900 last Thursday (24th April). It's a 20gb pearl white version with Linux pre-installed.

Seen pictured here with my colleague's Nokia N95.

Right at the bottom is my current work laptop. A 15" HP Compaq nc8430.

In between, semi-petite, is the laptop I'll be using pretty soon, another HP Compaq business notebook, 2510p. This one is with a 12" LED screen.

Look at the size of that white goodness. Sweeeeet.

Just a view from another angle.

A close up.

Yup. I've uninstalled Xandros and set it up with an nlited Windows XP CD slipstreamed with Service Pack 3.

Boots into Windows desktop in like 30 secs and after loading AVG, Atheros wireless, etc etc, about 50 secs to a usable state. And after that it's pretty much rock stable.

And the news about free upgrades to 5800mah batteries from the original 4400mah is making me another happy EEEuser. :)

MONSTER KILL!!!!!!!!!!

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