Monday, July 17, 2006

The "Sian" Song

"I'm so sian..."

What a wonderfully sian song....

Wah lao, an update to my "sian"ness! I feel so sian cos of what happened in my previous post... and suddenly I found this song!

The amazing Mr. Brown and Mr. Miyagi, SG's super blog duo presents their first original single! And it kinda cheered me up a bit.


I salute them! Woo ha!

I've transcribed the lyrics and posted them here. Hope I got the words right!
(I dunno if I'm allowed to do this... Else, lemme know and I'll remove them!)

Brown : You know Ben? I'm sian.
Miyagi : Why are you sian?
Brown : I'll tell you...

I try to cook but got burned by frying pan
MRT go toot toot toot nearly gena my hand
All the girls that I know say only see me as friend
Nah beh lift at my block just break down again

I wake up in the morning and I dunno who I am
I'm sian... sian...
I'm not happy I'm not sad but I sure know where I went / I'm at
I'm sian... sian...
I'm just walking down the street and I dunno what to eat
I'm sian... sian...
Every second every minute every hour every day
I'm sian... sian... How did I get so sian?

Got job interview but got hole in my pants
Go see show but the fellow in front damn tall cane
My PC gena virus and the toilet flush spoil
My brand new handphone gena drop in cooking oil

(repeat *)

I'm... I'm so frus x 4

Sunny in the morning and it's raining in the night
I'm sian... sian...
The weather cannot change and neither can my life
I'm sian.. sian...
I'm talking to myself cos there's really no one else
I'm sian... sian...
I may think I have a choice but I really have no voice
I'm sian... sian... how did I get so sian?

Yawnz... so sian... I think I'm gonna go take a nap now...

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