Tuesday, November 10, 2009

(Almost) Eloping with Bliss...

She was with me today... for a fleeting minute.

In that minute, something stirred in us. Time stopped for just the both of us.

Just me, and sweet sweet Onyx.

I gazed deeply into her gorgeous 480x360 screen and slowly ran my thumb up (and down and left and right) her sensitive optical trackpad. Smooth, and welcoming. Reacting to my every touch, I could tell she liked it... and unlocked herself for me sans password.

My thumbs stroked the rough plains across her qwert and pass her yuiop... The sensation across the keyboard ridges was wild... and exhilarating. As she arches her back, the rest of my fingers felt it... her leather sexyback, svelte and sophisticated.

Her frame may be slim and petite, very much like Tour (with whom I spent a coupla days with), but I know she offers so much more!

Me: C'mon Baby...
Onyx: Go away!
Me: Darling...
Onyx: I'm warning you... I know WIFI!

Make her yours and she will give you your well-deserved and undivided attention! Yes! Focus on her and she will autofocus for you with her 3.2mp camera. She's capable of LED flashing for you under appropriate circumstances too. (You perv!)

Other than being a wonderful personal assistant, juggling your mails, taking care of your appointments, playng sudoku with you while you're on your morning potty, giving you fake calls to excuse you from a boring meeting... Did I say enough that she's quite the looker?

Your associates will look on with envy and secretly whisper amongst themselves, in awe of your good fortune to have hired such a beauty (and concluding that you must be the foretold coming of their next great charismatic role model), while their sea of Curves, Storms and the plus-sized Bolds scoff and scorn and pretend to look away, trying not to cry. Tears will be for later, in a quiet toilet cube after the party has ended.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 (aka Bold 2 aka "Onyx") was in my hands today... for a fleeting minute.

A minute that felt like an instant eternity... erm.. WTF? That's so oxymoron.

Ah crap. I had to give it back to the Research in Motion (RIM) Director. Contemplated eloping with the device. And almost did. But I didn't. And that matters. Cos I'm being a good boy by returning it.

Christmas is just around the corner... *hint* "being-a-good-boy" *wink*

One more thing, the gunmetal band around the device really takes the cake for me. Incredibly sexy. Meteora (aka my Bold aka 9000 aka "Meteor") was weeping quietly in my pocket nursing her scratched silver color plastic band.

Sorry Meteora. I still love you. We're still friends right? Call me.

Onyx, you're mine.

UPDATE: Our contact from SingTel was unable to give a launch date for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 citing no knowledge of the ETA or roadmap. Sigh. I hope there will be another "SingTel BlackBerry Bold 9700 Launch Party" this time round again like the Bold.

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