Sunday, November 15, 2009

Give me a BlackBerry Bold 9700 and...

1. I will work hard.

I will respond to emails. Even on weekends. On my BlackBerry. I want to be caught wielding this dangerous eye candy in public.

2. I will blog harder.

I travel light. 3 iPods (3rd gen, 4th gen and classic), 1 nano (1st gen), 1 shuffle (3rd gen) and and iPod Touch (1st gen) all working. I don't even have my compact camera (Konica Minolta Xg) or my Sony Camera phone (K810i) tag along when I don't pack a bag. The Bold is all I bring. Tight jeans yeah?

Unfortunately, the original Bold's cam is... not quite up to par. 2 megapixels no autofocus. Absolute crap. With the Onyx's 3.2mp autofocus shots, I can offer gems like this...

OMG. Guzzling coke all these years and thought it's just soda...

1 comment:

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