Sunday, November 15, 2009

Best Deal Ever! Brand New Magic Mouse for $1.00!

You heard it right. It's a sealed unused MAGIC MOUSE for the low low price of $1.00.

That's just ONE DOLLAR! WOW!

Witness the "Magic Button with Amazing Scrolling and Zooming Functions for Internet"! OMG!

STFU Mighty Mouse! Make way for the MAGIC MOUSE! The "Perfect Mouse Series" that promises to "let you move through Internet flexibly"!

Going for a song!
No wait! It's cheaper than a song!
It's ONE SINGAPORE DOLLAR! Not even US$1, it's like 70 cents!
Cheaper than a freaking iTunes song! Cheaper than an iPhone app!

Once I get 99 comments on this post I will disclose the whereabouts of this wonderful promotion! BOOMZ!


  1. How about I spam 99 comments, so you can disclose the location?

    (I have a feeling we both saw this together...hmm...)

  2. Nope. We didn't.

    LOL... this was spotted at erm... I think Thomson Plaza. Crappy rodent no one wants. LOL.